Whether the construction site is Boston's "Big Dig" or a neighborhood water or oil drilling operation, Industrial composite products can be used to reduce the noise transmitting from the construction site to the surrounding areas. Sound Curtain composites offer the best  noise reduction and sound proofing on any application by combining sound absorption and noise barrier materials.

Noise Barriers/ Sound Absorber Composite

outdoor soundguard 
  • The barrier-backed configuration offers the benefits of both sound absorption and noise barrier products in one.

    BBC-EXT-N Features Include:

1) STC Rating 27
2) NRC Rating 0.70
3) Available facing colors on absorber side: grey, tan, or black
4) Barrier Color: Black

Applications: Typically used as an economic Sound Curtain on temporary construction projects. The exterior grade VCP facing is specifically formulated for outdoor applications. Composite products offer maximum noise reduction by both blocking and absorbing noise at job sites.

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